Our framework and accreditation system provides a set of standards that identifies high-quality degree programs. Getting accredited with ACFHEA enables institutions to be ranked as known and authorized educational platforms all around the world. The purpose of accreditation is to assure the public, students, parents and other stakeholders as to the quality of a college and its commitment to high standards through a system of continuous improvement.


The cost of higher education is more than ever before. Discover student loans to find the best plan that fits your needs. ACFHEA recognizes the need of students to obtain grants and therefore, provides the biggest source of funds for undergraduate and graduate education, provides access to money in the form of student loans and grants. We assist students in finding low interest loans to fill the gap between federal student loans and other financial aid to help pay for college.


Explore a wealth of scholarships, find untapped financial resources and improve your chances of winning financial awards. Most scholarship programs are offered to institutes that fall into a certain educational standard criteria. It is essential to be enrolled at an accredited college or university, in order to be eligible for these grants. American HEC not only works to ensure students get the highest quality of education but also aims to provide you a platform to find the right scholarship program.

American Council For Higher Education Accreditation helps educational institutes to attain excellence and high-quality standards worldwide. We intend to promote excellence and innovation for online educational institutes and help them get recognized globally for superior standards.


Reshaping the Foundation for Institutional Success May 22, 2021

Strategic planning is a systematic process for designing the future of higher education institutions. The planning process usually focuses on enhancing the quality of teaching, increasing research and scholarly outputs, and fostering community partnerships in educational institutes.

Importance of Strategic Planning in Higher Education April 04, 2021

ACFHEA chairman announced the launching of a platform to facilitate universities into meeting the quality and standards criteria, making them globally recognized. In addition, the platform aims to create a collaborative and interactive environment for institutes to discuss their academic issues and solve them.

Reasons for picking an accredited educational institute June 04, 2021

The importance of an accredited institute cannot be overemphasized. Imagine if the degree, certificate or a diploma you have earned after hard work and struggle of months and years and later you found out that the degree you have earned is from an unaccredited or a fraud institute.

21st January 2022
Quality Assurance Education Summit

ACFHEA will be hosting a discussion to address educational quality and quality assurance assessments. The summit will take on with an
instructive tour of the conditions of registration within the student’s framework.

American Council For Higher Education Accreditation Offers The Wilden Trust Undergraduate Women Scholarships